Sharing is Caring

During my undergraduate degree, I learned an important life lesson about caring for others. While studying for the final exam with my fellow classmates, a few of the students legitimately obtained a copy of the previous year’s final exam through a friend.  These students didn’t let anyone else have access to the previous exam, or its answers; rather, they kept it for themselves.  They thought that by not sharing this special information with other classmates, they would do better on the exam. They were focusing on their individual success, at the exclusion of their fellow classmates’.

We can all support others.
We can all support others.

While I understand the logic of my fellow students in terms of competitive environments such as university exams, I have learned that some important resources are better off shared. A fundamental one is your personal life story!

“An unshared life is not living. He [she] who shares does not lessen, but greatens, his [her] life.” - Stephen S. Wise

You have probably heard the saying over the course of your life:  “Sharing is Caring.” Expressing your inner thoughts and feelings to support others is more rewarding on a whole than keeping all of the resources inside of your head and your heart. Here is my mantra: Sharing your story is caring. The most thoughtful act you can do for someone is to express to them that they matter.


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