Coach Amber Krzys' Self-Discovery Lessons on the Importance of Loving Your Body

The “Speaking From the Heart” interview series is a feature where I ask inspiring individuals who have empowered me to speak from their heart and share their advice on self-worth, assertiveness, and self-expression. I encourage you to listen to their stories and apply the lessons in your life. I'm excited that today, Amber Krzys is “Speaking From the Heart” and sharing her experiences with all of us. 

Amber Krzys is a coach, speaker, dog-lover and bodyhearter! She is on a mission to  help you believe in yourself and act like it. You can check out her  website and join her complimentary ‘I Believe’ video training series here. I am really inspired by Amber's vision and passion, so I asked her to be part of this series; she is a mentor to me. I spent my teenage years and the early part of my twenties not loving my body and after realizing the error in my ways I have to spread the word. I get excited when I find others with a similar mission and love reading her Feature Fridays . Read her interview below.

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Why do you believe self-expression (speaking from the heart) is important?

Adding our heart to anything enhances the experience. In our culture, the heart represents love - which is something everyone wants and needs. To share love and receive love. For example, listening with your heart and seeing with your heart, allow for more empathy to be created within the exchange. Empathy reminds us of our common human experience and often causes a deeper connection to form, which brings with it feelings of appreciation, respect and being understood. All demonstrations of love.

Speaking from the heart has the power to do the same. It forces us out of our head and into our body. Into our emotions. This type of sharing is more vulnerable and requires more courage, but that is the nature of sharing our heart. The fear is that we will be rejected or judged. But, the more comfortable we get with what our heart has to say, the less the fear affects us. The way we get comfortable is by practice. Practice speaking up, practice asking for what you want, practice having vulnerable conversations. The authentic truth versus the fear-based truth has an opportunity to shine in that space.

How has writing empowered you in other areas of your life?

This is an interesting question. I don't really consider writing to be all that different. It's an extension of my voice. Just another way for me to "speak." So, as for empowering other areas of my life...I guess it boils down to what I shared in the first answer: practice. Writing is another form of practice for me. Every time I write an article or a blog post, I get to practice speaking from my heart; which, in turn, allows me to get more comfortable in sharing my voice in every medium I can.

Amber Krzys, bodyheart, quote, Arianna's Random Thoughts, Speaking From the Heart Interview

How did you find your authentic voice through writing?

Through practicing. I recommend writing and sharing about things you've made it through and gotten to the other side of, versus writing and sharing about a circumstance you are currently in and figuring out. I have found that when I'm "in it" - in my stuff and we all have stuff - I am not as able to see clearly. It's a little messy and foggy, so my authentic voice is clouded by my hurt or anger or ego. What I prefer to do is share once I'm through the tunnel on the other side. That lens changes the angle of the story. I can still share every part of it, but the message is clear.

How did you develop the courage to stand tall (i.e., get the courage to share your writing)?

This one is easy: Let the message (a.k.a., your passion) lead you. That way it becomes about the message and not about you. You are the vessel through which the message is being delivered. When I'm in that space, it doesn't feel like it's mine. I'm not attached to how it's received.

When you have a hard time writing, what do you do to work through it?

I tend to trust the process. I'm not strict in my writing schedule or to-do schedule for that matter. Of course, I have deadlines that I meet, but I try as much as possible to let the moment lead my actions. If I don't feel inspired, I don't write. I believe that writing from that space with the energy of force at my back, will influence what I'm saying. The message will get muddled and affected by my energy and not be as powerful.

Trust is big for me. I also trust that I'll meet the deadline. That I'll be inspired sometime before and the process will be easy. For the most part it is.

How did you find your support group?

I'm not part of a writing support group, but I am part of an entrepreneurial community I can lean on and commiserate with. I also work with a coach. That is the biggest part of my support structure. I have a guide along the path with me, so I never feel alone. I'm also held accountable to my dreams and desires. This has been a huge contributing factor to my success.

Any advice for new writers/authors?

Just do it. The only way to learn and to get better is to do. Writing is like a muscle. If you've focused on toning your biceps and suddenly you begin, your muscles are going to be weak. They aren't used to that type of workout. But, the more you do the exercises, the more confident and comfortable you become and the stronger your bicep gets. The same is true with writing.

Thanks for speaking from your heart and empowering others, Amber! Keep up the fantastic work!

If you have any specific questions for Amber about her writing process, please feel free to ask :) 

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