Spring Into Action

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After a LONG winter, spring is here! This year especially, many of us have been waiting a very long time for this season to arrive. Can’t you feel it? The days are longer. The sun shines brighter. All of the flowers are starting to bloom. Don’t you love this time of year?! The term ‘spring into action’ really reflects how people feel when spring arrives. People feel motivated and energized to start the process, as the definition of ‘spring into action’ implies "to suddenly begin moving or doing something” (thefreedictionary.com).

During the winter months, the opposite of ‘moving’ or ‘doing’ occurs. Many people don’t feel motivated to do anything except sit inside by the fire and get warm. The lack of sun and cold temperatures prompt people to stay inside and enter hibernation mode. Growing up in Canada, you get used to long winters and learn to adapt to the snow and cold temperatures. You learn to have fun despite the harsh winter months. Still, we Canadians are always excited for spring to come!

Spring is a time for growth and re-awakening after a long cold winter. For me, the end of winter/start of spring is always a time to reflect about what is important in life and to think about new possibilities. This spring shouldn’t just be a time for flowers to reach their full potential; we should take their cue that it is our time to rise up too.

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One of the ways I'm springing into action this coming year is by adding more fun and laughter into my life.  I realized that like the sunny days, I feel better when I have more fun!  Therefore, I encourage you to join me and spring into action by adding more fun and laughter into your daiIy lives. Life is so short and way too serious sometimes. We need to find ways to enjoy our life and add a spring to our step :)

Have any tips of how you add fun into your life or those around you? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Happy Start to Spring!

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!