Happy August!

Happy August! Hope you all have had an awesome summer. I can’t believe it is already the middle of August. Where did the time go?!

(c) Arianna Merritt

(c) Arianna Merritt

Summer is one of my favourite times of year, as it makes people get outside more and enjoy the sun and warmth. Especially in Canada, summer is the season for refueling after a long winter. I refuel by spending the time on or in the water, as it nourishes me. Being on the beach and/or in the water is where I come up with amazing ideas. When I can, I seek out the beach with my journal in hand.

This year, I am back in my hometown after many years away; I’m spending much of summer 2018 planning goals and taking steps to make them reality. Summer is the perfect time to work on those goals you have been reflecting on all year.  One of my goals is finding new ways to use technology to create an impact in people’s lives.

You see, eight years ago in August 2010, I started a blog that changed my life. Clicking “publish” on my first post, when I was a graduate student with no blogging experience, was a big step for me. With no training in technology or business, and no blogging community, I had only my expertise in psychology and my passion to make an impact in the world as my adrenaline. I put in the long hours and hard work to build the blog. At that time, very few people were blogging and technology wasn’t as prevalent as it is now. Just for context, Instagram wasn’t launched until two months afterwards in October 2010.

Back where my blogging journey began. (c) Arianna Merritt

Back where my blogging journey began. (c) Arianna Merritt

Turning a thought into action changed my life.

Now, eight years later, the blog has over half a million views from around the world and comments are consistently posted indicating that others are speaking up about their experiences. The blog has also won several awards. My passion project led to me being named ‘a pioneer’ in transforming how mental health practitioners deliver their digital services. Those who doubted me have since asked for my help in developing their web presence. My work is having a real impact in people’s lives!! It’s helping them access mental healthcare easily and when they need it most.

Time has flown by; I didn’t envision the impact of my blog when I began. This all resulted because I believed in myself, owned my power, and persevered. I share this story with you not as way to bolster about my accomplishments, because I am truly a humble person, but as a way to show you that when you get the courage to turn your ideas into action, you really can improve people’s lives!

Wherever you are these last couple weeks of August, I encourage you to take time to enjoy this season of renewal and to dream. Grab a notebook and pen, and find a beautiful space to reflect.

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The world needs your ideas. We need your innovation. We need your creativity. Just like the world needs the sun, we need you to shine your light and be you! You have such a beautiful purpose.

Cheers to a great rest of your summer, and to following our dreams! You never know where the path will lead!!!

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