Making Friends as Adults

What do you do to perk yourself up during the day?

(c) Arianna Merritt, MEd

(c) Arianna Merritt, MEd

For some it may be a cup (or more) of coffee, or working out in some capacity. As a coffee-lover and athlete both of those work well for me but what really brightens my day are deep authentic connections with others. When I am surrounded by a group of kindhearted individuals that I truly care about, I feel at peace and inspiring ideas just flow.

I was reminded of this after signing off a recent Skype conversation with a super close friend recently and felt so empowered.  Due to my friends recent move, our previous in-person coffee, talk, and a walk are now done online. I mean yes in person is always better but with living in different locations, these are still a perk.

The best part of our friendship is that we chat and no filters and truly share about what is going on with our lives. It is amazing to be heard and not feel judged. I am so comfortable with her and know that she ultimately has my best interests at heart. These friends are precious and though distance may separate us – we are still connected.

I am so blessed to have an amazing community in my life. My friends have impacted my journey and they are like family to me. Whether it be through a walk on the beach, touring different locales, or just sitting having a coffee in person or Skype – these interactions fuel my journey and bring light to my path!

(c) Arianna Merritt, MEd

(c) Arianna Merritt, MEd

Over the past couple months, I have really reflected on what matters most in my life.  I realized that all that truly matters is our relationships with ourselves and others.  I want more depth in my life. These amazing relationships have really transformed my life.

The ones where you dig deep and pull past the layers. The friendships where you can truly be yourself, where you are accepted no matter what.  I cherish them like gold, as they are so worthy!

I have realized that everything I do is centred around helping people build respectful relationships with themselves and others. Many people reach out to me through the blog and are seeking these quality friendships in their lives. They talk about how they are connected to many on social networks but are craving deep personal connections with others. It's true many of us have social networks but how much do you really know what is going on in their lives? Or how many “friends” are you comfortable enough or trust to share your issues with? Many don’t because they feel they will be judged.

This is the year to take really good care of yourself and others which we can do by being kinder and compassionate to ourselves and others.

My mission is to be kinder to myself through positive self-talk and to kinder to others by building a beautiful community.  I have a network of friends who are kindhearted, smart, authentic, caring, and real.

I want to keep creating spaces (online and offline) where individuals gather from all over the world to connect with each other on a deeper level. Where people treat others with respect, kindness, and love. Where people talk and are also heard.  We all have something to contribute.

Lately, I have heard from many busy professionals who are finding it hard to make deep friendships after college/university and are lonely. I wanted to start the conversation and voice the common struggles I have heard.  So I have a question for you:

Female Friendships.jpg

You sharing your story will provide others with the hope & support they need to persist through their struggles. 

See you at the beach!

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