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Dorie Clark's Thoughts on Standing Out as a Blogger

Since my blog is about empowering busy high-achieving professionals to develop the courage to “rise to their platform & shine” and turn their ideas into reality, I had to invite others to share their journeys. After watching Dorie Clark’s TED Talk “Finding Your Breakthrough Idea,” I knew just the person to ask to help me answer: “How do you build a blog following?” I’m so grateful she said “Yes!” You’ll see why after watching her talk.

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Entrepreneur & Producer of Dream, Girl Komal Minhas shares how Meditation empowers her daily

I’m excited that, today, Komal Minhas is sharing how incorporating a meditation practice into her daily routine has transformed her life! Komal is an Indo-Canadian film producer, writer, and investor who started her first company, KoMedia, at 23. Random fact – after checking out Komal’s website, I realized we are both graduates of Carleton University in Ottawa.  Komal has been deeply invested in improving the lives of women and girls globally. She champions this work through her continued investments and work in film and storytelling.

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Author of Mindful Leadership Maria Gonzalez shares how Mindfulness Transforms Lives

After reading Maria’s biography which highlighted her extensive background in the field of mindfulness, I reached out to Maria and invited her to explain the Record Worthy Practice with all of us. Maria and I both have connections to the University of Toronto, where I did my Master’s in Human Development & Applied Psychology and where she teaches Mindful Leadership (Random?!). Maria is a wonderful leader to teach us all about mindfulness; she has both a deep knowledge of the topic, as well as the practical tools on how to apply it in our daily lives – perfect combination!

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What does it mean to be alive?

What does it mean to be alive? This was a question one of my grandmothers asked me recently after we were reflecting on just how precious life is. Why does it take death or the process of losing someone dear to you to realize what truly matters in life?

You could be in a place thinking there is no clear pattern to your career and you are looking for direction. Sometimes it takes you doing what you don’t like or seeing the world from a different lens to actually realize what your gift is in this world and what your purpose is on earth.

On the airplane home after an inspiring trip with family and friends, I couldn’t help but reflect on how valuable life is and the mark I want to leave on this world.

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Rise & Shine Interview: Loren Fogelman

I'm excited that Loren Fogelman has decided to share with me as part of my series on perseverance.  Loren Fogelman is author of The Winning Point and founder of Expert Sports, a company devoted to teaching elite athletes how to consistently achieve high performance, maintain focus during competitions and create the confidence to reach their BIG goals. Having been a psychotherapist since 1985, she knows how to identify core issues -- the challenges that are getting in the way of your game – and how to tackle them with a laser-focused approach. During courses and coaching programs, Loren teaches her clients proven strategies for reaching their goals by working smarter, not harder. Psychology, physiology and productivity strategies when combined create a comprehensive training program, boosting performance.

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Leadership - The Power of Influence

I have dealt with this situation far too often in many organizations (school, work, sports, religious, etc., non-profit) and that I thought I would address the issue and see what your opinion is on the matter.

As many of you know organizations (as is society) are usually divided up in a hierarchy based on position of authority or experience. Individuals who have been there for a long time or of higher authority are usually esteemed over people of little experience in the area and/or people with less power.  That’s just the common norm in society.

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