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Blog Your Passion

Establishing Yourself as a Life Blogger is about speaking from the heart, sharing your passion with others, and building community.

When people are looking for inspiration, instead of only going outward to others for answers, dig deep and look within. Write your posts as if you are speaking from your heart. Remember, people are coming to your blog to connect with you and hear your thoughts. Blogging is a conversation where you start talking and people respond.

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You CAN Make Someone's Dream Come True!

Over a year ago, I had the privilege of profiling Jacqueline Boone. She writes an amazing blog called 6 Months to Live, which is all about living a life you love and embracing life as fully as you can. She has encouraged me to persevere in this journey, and I want to support her in achieving her BIGGEST DREAM yet!

Her deepest passion is to travel and to connect with people on a global scale, and she has an opportunity to travel the world for the next 6 months and to have enough money at the end of the trip to create her start-up, which will transform the way people connect and achieve their dreams!

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No Worries: Get Inspired by the West Coast

Since spending time on the West Coast, I have picked up a saying that has really manifested into my way of life.

The phrase is, “No Worries.” I find it is very commonly used in my vocabulary.

The saying reflects my laid-back west coast lifestyle. Being laid-back does not at all mean a person doesn’t work hard. The laid-back lifestyle has nothing to do with the amount or intensity of your work. Rather, it means that you don’t let small things upset you.

Someone is late or has to reschedule. Things don’t happen as planned. I say: “No Worries.”

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