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Are you looking for inspiration this summer to turn your dreams into reality?


I thought this reader’s inquiry would resonate with you. I know from experience that if one person asks a question, there are usually others out there who could benefit from the advice. So with permission, I’m sharing her email.

Hi Arianna, I was googling life coaching type blogs, and I've found yours, and I love your style of writing. I was originally searching for inspiration, as I'm a psychology graduate who is hoping to do something a bit more creative than the usual office job. May I ask, do you have any advice for establishing yourself as a life blogger so to speak? Any advice you could give me would be so appreciated.”

Establishing Yourself as a Life Blogger is about speaking from the heart, sharing your passion with others, and building community.

When people are looking for inspiration, instead of only going outward to others for answers, dig deep and look within. Write your posts as if you are speaking from your heart. Remember, people are coming to your blog to connect with you and hear your thoughts. Blogging is a conversation where you start talking and people respond.

If you are unsure what to write about this summer, get outside. Spend time in environments that inspire and encourage you, so you can get the creative juices flowing. That is how I turned my dream into reality, and I encourage you to the same. Find your passion(s).

Arianna’s Random Thoughts is rooted in my four passions: psychology, water, empowering others, and writing. For example, during a swim at a lake recently, many thoughts for future blog posts came to mind. After getting out of the water, I journalled my experience.

swim 3

If you are in a spot like the reader, looking for inspiration and direction, seek out an environment this summer which inspires you; gather your thoughts. Root your blog in your passion(s), that way you have a lot to write about and have the motivation to keep writing posts despite life’s obstacles. Looking forward to see where the journey takes you.

Update (January 29th, 2014)

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!