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Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin's Self-Discovery Lesson on Learning to Slow Down

Therefore, to continue the conversation, I reached out to Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin to share her Record Worthy Practice with us.  She is a mom, wife, and “busy” professional. Despite her packed schedule, she has been a mentor to me, giving me lots of advice through sharing her personal insight. Dr. Nina (as she is known) is a psychoanalyst, an author, an award-winning blogger, and the creator of the ‘Win the Diet War’ program. In the past, Dr. Nina has been on the blog sharing her insights; we’ve also been following each other on Twitter since we have similar professional interests. I emailed her to ask how she finds time to incorporate self-care into her busy schedule. 

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Blog Your Passion

Establishing Yourself as a Life Blogger is about speaking from the heart, sharing your passion with others, and building community.

When people are looking for inspiration, instead of only going outward to others for answers, dig deep and look within. Write your posts as if you are speaking from your heart. Remember, people are coming to your blog to connect with you and hear your thoughts. Blogging is a conversation where you start talking and people respond.

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Zach Sobiech: Your Legacy Will Live On!

As you know, I love sharing stories of people who have impacted my journey.  I was saddened to find out that a beautiful soul, Zach Sobiech, lost his battle to cancer yesterday.  Zach was only 18 years old when he died but in his short time he embraced life to the fullest.  His passion for life, love of others, and contagious joy touched my heart as well as those of many others. His legacy will live on.  As Zach said in his documentary, "It's really simple, actually, just try to make people happy."

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Disconnecting for a week to get Creative :)

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would take some time to disconnect for a bit and get creative. I have been feeling really inspired lately so I'm going to use a notebook and write out new blog posts. I was inspired by the following image that I found on Pinterest. I'm going to spend a week of doing that in my spare time. Then next week, be prepared for new and fresh material.

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RIP Sarah Burke: Today We Lost An Inspiration

I was really saddened to hear this afternoon of the passing of Champion freestyle skier and fellow Canadian Sarah Burke.

Sarah died today, nine days after she crashed at the bottom of the superpipe during a training run in Utah on Jan. 10.  She sustained life-threatening injuries which placed her in a coma.

She was a pioneer in her sport and such an inspiration to many people all over the world.  Her energy and her passion for her sport were evident every time you saw her.  I loved her bubbly attitude and her strong presence in sport. She was a role model of mine and I admired her accomplishments.  She was instrumental in getting ski halfpipe into the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

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How Badly Do You Want To Win?

I remember thinking this when I watched the University men’s soccer teams play in the national championships in Victoria, BC, recently.

Picture this: it is the semi-finals round of a major national sports tournament.  There are two teams in this round of the competition.  Both teams have worked really hard to get here. Both have practised hard and won their important games.  The players have most likely been playing for many years and have practiced daily.  Each team has also grown really tight as a unit.  But, watching the teams recently, I was reminded that it doesn’t matter how well you have played in the past or how much you practice; in the semi-finals, it is about this moment. Each player must be totally “present” in the game.

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